terrazzo tumbler

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It's a struggle not to keep all of these for myself. If I did, here's how I would use them on the beautiful spring and summer days I can feel coming:
• to hold a reasonable amount of cold brew coffee, to be enjoyed outside on a sunny morning
• to hold my favorite mocktail: seltzer with a splash of yuzu juice, pomegranate grenadine, and an orange wedge
• with salt and chili flakes on the glossy white rim, and inside, a turmeric-mezcal cocktail, to be enjoyed during a zoom call ☺

But, alas, they will soon be YOUR cups and you can use them to hold whatever you want! The cups were made by rolling out a thin sheet of dark red-brown stoneware, and pressing thin slices of tinted, patterned porcelain into the brown clay. I then formed the slabs into cups. The outer surface was sanded smooth and left unglazed, which is my favorite ceramics texture. The inside and rim are coated in a glossy, white, semi-opaque glaze, making the cup foodsafe.
I recommend handwashing and no microwave. Holds about 8 ounces. Measures about 3.25" high, with a diameter of 3" (approx. 8 cm x 7.5 cm). Listing is for one cup. Free shipping in the US.
Please note: my pieces are "handbuilt", meaning I do not use a pottery wheel or mold. Therefore, they are all slightly wonky due to the way that clay naturally warps and changes as it dries and as it's fired. These cups do NOT look like the perfectly round commercially made cups you might get at a store. I think the slight imperfections and the way you can see the artist's hand are part of the charm of handmade ceramics, and I hope you agree ♡