pastel porcelain shot glass

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Handbuilt shot glasses, made with tinted porcelain inlaid with patterned blocks of more tinted porcelain. Fully glazed in a clear gloss glaze that makes the pastel colors pop.


Holds about 2 ounces; 2.25" tall with a 2" diameter (5.7 c,m x 5 cm). Listing is for one cup. Free shipping in the US.


Please note: my pieces are "handbuilt", meaning I do not use a pottery wheel or mold. Therefore, they are all slightly wonky due to the way that clay naturally warps and changes as it dries and as it's fired. These cups do NOT look like the perfectly round commercially made cups you might get at a store. I think the slight imperfections and the way you can see the artist's hand are part of the charm of handmade ceramics, and I hope you agree ♡