Pastel Creach (blank back) ♡


I first started making these tiny creachies out of leftover little scraps while teaching art to children. They were just something fun to do with my hands. I didn't consider selling them until a studio mate told me her four-year-old daughter stopped to look at them every time she came to the studio and asked if she could get one for her child. With that seal of approval, I kept making them!
In this series, I blended seafoom green, white, baby blue, and pink porcelain with black speckles. The pastel colors are serene and calming. Choose from a sheeplike creach (short tail, pointy face: image 1) or a horselike creach (long tail, square face: image 3).
I like to keep them at the base of potted plants or tucked among my books. I tinted the clay, and pressed the different colors together to get a marbled effect. Every creach is hand sculpted and one of a kind.
Very tiny: 2" long / 1.5" height / 1" wide